Why do you need a website for your company /organisation /businesses?

Why do you need a website for your company/organisation/businesses?

Often business owners think “Do I need a website if I have a small business with a small workforce and don’t sell anything online?”

Yes, it is!

With millions of customers shopping online for everything from books to diamonds to apartments to LPG gas and other items, Covid-19 has transformed the retail industry. As a result, while you’re still getting started, your rival has surely seen the benefits that a website may have for their company. Businesses have done the same given how much time consumers spend online. A basic need now is having a website with a social media presence. You can be losing out on a lot of potential consumers online if you run a business without a website. Understanding the importance of a website is therefore essential to quickly growing your business.

Even though you might be happy with the size your business is right now, customers change. You must draw in new customers to ensure continued success, and one of the best ways to do this is by improving your exposure on Google. Although social media networks and posts are indexed by Google, having a website offers you access to a much wider range of SEO tools and techniques. You’ve likely understood by this point that the true question isn’t “do I need a website for my business,” but rather “can I afford not to have a website in the digital era?” And the short answer is no if you want to succeed in the long run. Without a company website, it’s become harder to even stay afloat.

Introduction of our organisation?

Are you a digital agency or software product firm seeking for a partner in the highly technical and ever-changing web development space? is ideal for you.
Web development, in general, refers to the process of developing websites for hosting on the internet or intranet. We offer a variety of services to help your online business succeed, in addition to web development for wordpress, shopify, and ecommerce cms. Technizen Solutions is one of the most noticeable website building organisations in the world, supplying clients with a wide range of websites. We have formed strategic partnerships with several digital agencies in Siliguri, like Bidhan market area, Hakim Para, Sevoke Road area over the years, and we have delivered the finest quality web design, application development, and digital marketing technology services. We offer website development in many different regional languages like Nepali, Hindi, Bengali and English. We have improved our ability to provide best-in-class web technology services and solutions by forming a B2B collaboration with industry giants. Our professional web designs are attractive, responsive and help in connecting your business with the audience on a larger scale. We create unique and creative web design that helps you stand out from your competitors and can easily connect with the audience both virtually and in reality.

How do we Work with Web Design & Development?

Our company specialises in web design and development. We build stunning and useful websites that support our clients in achieving their commercial objectives. Web design and web development are two key skill sets that go into creating a website. The main goal of web design is to create various graphical elements that can be used online. We provide a bespoke website design that helps your business effectively reach customers and maximise leads. As a full-service digital agency, we have a team of professional web designers who create exceptional as well as exciting designs for companies across the worldwide. We have experience and expertise in website design to create a custom website that is functional, gives you more control over elements, responsive in nature that renders well on all screen sizes and resolutions, search engine friendly and fully secured. Web development generally refers to the process of building websites for hosting on the internet or intranet.

  • In phase 1, we obtain a thorough grasp of the future functions of your website, the primary objectives you hope to achieve, and the target audience you want to draw to your website. On the basis of these pre-developmental data, we produce a comprehensive and detailed strategy.
  • Phase 2 of the development process involves the creation of the sitemap, which shows you how a website is organised internally but doesn’t explain the user interface.  The next stage of development starts with the construction of wireframes, which outline the items that will be added to the page and their placement. We choose the CMS, frameworks, and programming language in your technology stack.
  • Phase 3 of website development involves creating the website, which includes developing the logo, website layout, photographs, and other visual content like pictures and videos. Up till the buyer is fully happy, this cycle is repeated.
  • Phase 4 involves developing content to engage your website’s visitors and include calls to action. The process of creating content includes gathering headlines, revising text, composing new material, assembling the current text, etc.
  • Phase 5 is the beginning of the website creation process. Frameworks and CMS should be put into place without issue. Created and tested for use on the entire website.
  • Phase 6 involves testing each form and each script. To ensure that your code adheres to the most recent web standards, we use code validators. The webpage is uploaded to a server after numerous tests. To ensure that all of your files have been correctly installed, we perform final testing.
  • In phase 7, we confirm that everything functions properly. We attempt to identify potential end-user problems and address them using the feedback system. To avoid issues introduced by routine CMS updates and to lower security concerns, we take care to keep the website current.


Don’t merely sell things or provide services on your website. Create a portfolio that demonstrates your success in business. Assume your company is involved in travel and tourism. You can produce a video portfolio of a family that depicts their entire travel experience, from booking tickets to arriving at their location and the preparations provided by your company. You can request that they provide feedback in video format, which you can include in your portfolio. Such portfolios aid in the development of people’s trust in your company. Each project in our portfolio is the result of a joint exertion with our clients. We pay close attention to prerequisites from clients, get it their obstructions, and work tenaciously to create their objectives a reality. The success stories of the clients we serve are the authentic measure of our accomplishments. It is crucial to have a website in this digital age. A business that doesn’t have a website loses out on many opportunities that can present themselves online. In addition to these advantages, a website can benefit your company in a number of other ways. A map or directions to their retail outlets or headquarters, for instance, could be included on a company website. A website can help someone who wants to research a company at their convenience because it is always accessible. A fun and attractive website can improve the perception of the brand. As a result, having a quality website is critical for the success of your business.

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